Section 4 - Governing Body Of The Service

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(1) There is established by this Act a governing body for the Service which shall be known as Ghana Education Service Council referred to in this Act as "the Council".

(2) The Council shall consist of-

(a) a chairman who shall be a person with extensive academic and administrative experience;

(b) one representative of the Public Services Commission not below the rank of director;

(c) two distinguished educationists one of whom shall be a woman;

(d) two eminent citizens, one of whom shall be a woman;

(e) two representatives of the christian group made up of the Christian Council, the National Catholic Secretariat and the Ghana Pentecostal Council;

(f) one representative of the Federation of Muslim Councils and Ahmadiyya Mission;

(g) one member of the Ghana National Association of Teachers;

(h) one member of the Teachers and Educational Workers Union;

(i) one member of the National Council for Tertiary Education;

(j) one representative of the Association of Proprietors of Private Educational Institutions;

(k) the Chief Director of the Ministry of Education; and

(l) the Director-General of the Service.

(3) The members of the Council shall be appointed by the President in consultation with the Council of State.