Section 35 — Interpretation

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In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires, “Board” means the governing body of die National Peace Council; “chief” means a person who, hailing from the appropriate family and lineage, has been validly nominated, elected or selected and enstooled, enskinned or installed as a chief or queen mother in accordance with the relevant customary law and usage; “Council" means the National Peace Council; “District Assembly” includes Municipal and Metropolitan Assembly; “eminent persons” includes persons from institutions of higher education, faith-based organizations, statespersons and chief; “Fund” means the Peace Fund “identifiable groups” includes institutions of higher learning and civil society organizations involved in conflict resolution and peace building; “Minister” means the Minister responsible for the Interior; “relevant bodies” means any public or private entity concerned with the maintenance of peace in the country; and “Unit” means the Peace Building Support Unit.