Section 11 — Functions of a Regional Peace Council

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A Regional Peace Council shall

(a) offer advice to the Regional Coordinating Council and the Regional Security Council in relation to conflict prevention, management, resolution and building sustainable peace in the region;

(b) mediate in conflict which is likely to erupt in violence and intervene after law and order is restored by the Regional Security Council;

(c) engage in public education and create awareness of conflict indicators within the region and make recommendations to the Regional coordinating Council and the Regional Security Council on how to improve the situation;

(d) facilitate the organization of activities that build friendship, promote trust, tolerance, goodwill and reconciliation between communities;

(e) initiate and support training and capacity building programmes for relevant stakeholders in the region;

(f) perform other functions that may be assigned by the Regional coordinating Council; and

(g) perform any other function which is ancillary to its object.