Article 136 - Composition Of Court Of Appeal And Qualifications Of Its Justices

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(1) The Court of Appeal shall consist of—

(a) the Chief Justice;

(b) subject to clauses (2) and (3) of this article, not less than ten Justices of the Court of Appeal; and

(c) such other Justices of the Superior Court of Judicature as the Chief Justice may, for the determination of a particular cause or matter by writing signed by him, request to sit in the Court of Appeal for any specified period.

(2) The Court of Appeal shall be duly constituted by any three of the Justices referred to in clause (1) of this article and when so constituted, the most senior of the Justices shall preside.

(3) A person shall not be qualified for appointment as a Justice of the Court of Appeal unless he is of high moral character and proven integrity and is of not less than twelve years' standing as a lawyer.

(4) The Chief Justice may create such divisions of the Court of Appeal as he considers necessary to sit in such places as he may determine.

(5) Subject to clause (3) of article 129 of this Constitution, the Court of Appeal shall be bound by its own previous decisions; and all courts lower than the Court of Appeal shall follow the decisions of the Court of Appeal on questions of law.